Express Ceviche Company – Duluth, GA

Just down the road from the office, there is a residential / commercial complex that started contruction pre-pandemic. Over the last several months, only a few of the promised restaurants have opened . But of the one that have, I decided to try – Ceviche Co. Express – today and see what they had to offer.

A brightly colored interior, with an extremely friendly staff was a great way to start the experience. The menu is “Columbian Caribbean” – a category with which I am not familiar – and very broad with ceviches, seafood cocktails, seafood salads, tostadas and several fish dishes, which are labeled as “lunch specials”. Many of the dishes are made with a fish spread (like a tuna or chicken salad). I decided to try one of the ceviches – the King of the House.

This dish is made from salmon chunks which are steamed, then marinated in lemon juice, with fresh cilantro, red onions, bell peppers, avocado and their “secret ingredient”. The fish was tasty, but it was very heavy on the red onions.

The winning meal here, for me, is the daily lunch special, with two grilled pieces of snapper, black beans and rice.

It is a plate full of food, for $9.99 and delicious. The fish is cooked beautifully and the rice and beans make the perfect combination to complete the meal. I’ve ended up there at least once a month, over the last year, and this is my “go-to”. But the shrimp and grits looked pretty good when I was in two weeks ago.

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