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Cuban Delights 

Months back, I saw a sign, on the side of truck, parked on the side of the road, as I was heading up 278 from Dallas saying “Cuban Food”.  My immediate thought was “where?”  Then, several months later I decided to  turn down the road and look for it and there it was, on the […]

Hickory Hut – Dallas, GA

Having driven by the Hickory Hut BBQ dozens of times, I finally had the chance to visit on this Friday.  Just under the bridge, as you head west out of downtown Dallas, they are there on the right, where they’ve been since 1965.  For a place that advertises no phone and no sign, I was […]

Thai Mango – Hiram, GA

Since  our first visit to  Thai Mango, back in September, we’ve eaten there a dozen times or more, and introduced friends and family.  A relatively new entrant to the Hiram dining scene, it’s located on the east end of the Hiram retail corridor as you head west on 278 toward the intersection with Highway 92, […]

Huey Luey’s – Hiram, GA

About once a month, or more frequently, we end up at Huey Luey’s Fine Mexican Food, in Hiram.  This has been an going affair for the last three or four years.  I, honestly, couldn’t believe that I hadn’t written a post about this place.   There is so much that is not like a standard strip-mall […]

Pop’s Dawg House – Dallas, GA

Here’s an admonition about the power of suggestion…. Several months back we were driving up to Cartersville to meet someone for dinner and we passed by this place in the dark and I thought “Hmmm.  I didn’t know there was a barbecue place there”, and made a mental note.  Tonight, when we were looking for […]

Mellow Mushroom – Hiram, GA

It was Tuesday before I knew we were two days into Pizza Week.  Granted, I never knew such a thing existed, but, dang it, I was missing an excuse to eat pizza!  When we were trying to decide on a place to meet our small group for dinner on Wednesday night, it was determined that […]

Sal’s Pizzeria – Dallas, GA

Heading to Wednesday night journey group and looking for something different for dinner (as we weren’t rushing for a change), we got into Dallas and hadn’t yet picked a place. Choices, rapidly, became limited, so we stopped at Sal’s Pizzeria in downtown D. After deciding against pizza and on pasta, we placed our order. They […]