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Antica Posta – Atlanta, GA

For the last several years, I’ve been intending to eat at Antica Posta. But as they are only open for dinner and in the heart of Buckhead, visits to that space / time crossroads, without having other plans, are few and far between.  As I was right around the corner, on Maple Street, and heading […]

Brezza Cucina – Atlanta, GA

Another day, another trip to Ponce City Market.  We were heading in town to meet someone passing through and looking for a place to grab lunch around 11:30.  PCM seemed like a good choice, as there are at least five places I still want to try.  My suggestion of fish was shot down, as it […]

Thirteen Pies – Atlanta, GA

Our newlywed daughter and son-in-law have set an admirable food goal for the summer – knock as many places off Creative Loafing’s 100 places to Eat in Atlanta list as they can.  When they called and asked if we’d like to meet for dinner, I told them to pick a spot from the list, in […]

Baraonda Ristorante & Bar – Atlanta, GA

As the Holiday weekend approached, Grant e-mailed and asked if we were going to be in town for the weekend and might want to meet he and Marie and have dinner.  We compared notes of places that neither had been, and decided on Baraonda Ristorante & Bar.  The name was on my list, but I […]

LPC (La Pietra Cucina) – Atlanta, GA

LPC (La Pietra Cucina) is a place that I’ve had on a list for several years, but never visited.  Today, as I was heading back toward the office from a meeting downtown, I realized that I had time to stop in for a bite.  It was a late lunch, on a Monday, and I had […]

Cibo e Beve – Sandy Springs, GA

Jo had mentioned Cebo e Beve (which, according to our waiter is Italian slang for “grub and beverage”) as she had seen them on 11Alive as a server of Springer Farms chicken, when we had been eating at Ammazza the weekend before.  As we were looking for some place new for lunch that we could […]

Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano – Atlanta, GA

We tried to eat at Gio’s Chicken Amalfatino quite a while back for lunch one weekday.  Brilliant plan – we even navigated the challenge of parking near Antico and walked up to the door.  Then found that they weren’t open for lunch.  [Homer Simpson voice ON]  “Doh!  [Homer Simpson voice OFF].  So one night, a […]