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The Peach and the Porkchop – Roswell, GA

Somewhere over the last several months, someone told me that I ought to add the Peach and the Porkchop to my list.  We were heading back toward Atlanta from Dawsonville and lunch time was approaching.  I consulted the list and remembered this place.  We arrived about 1:30 and it was still fairly full of folks finishing lunch. […]

Tupelo Honey – Sandy Springs, GA

Fourth of July morning was atypical for us. For the last seven years, we’ve walked the South’s largest road race – the Peachtree Road Race.  But neither of us was really feeling it this year, so we passed.  That allowed us to sleep in and then we headed out for brunch.  I searched Open Table […]

Jinya Ramen Bar – Sandy Springs, GA

With locations in eleven states and two Canadian provinces, the goal of founder Tomonori Takahashi was to make the daily ramen he was used to in his native Japan readily available to Americans.  To make it as common as going out for a burger.  Or ordering pizza.  He started in California in 2010 and opened […]

Sushi Huku 

As I was heading to meet some folks in Vinings, I went back to the well of the original list, once again, and looked at the options.  I found that Sushi Huku was on the list and on the way.  While it has a Sandy Springs address, it is right there at Akers Mill and Powers Ferry […]

El Taco Veloz – Sandy Springs, GA

Looking for a quick bite on Thursday as I headed around the top-end perimeter, I jumped off at Roswell Road, certain I’d find something.   And I did – local chain El Taco Veloz.  They have five locations in the metro area and one in Gainesville.  Just south of 285, this location is near the […]

Canton Cooks – Sandy Springs, GA

On a rainy Sunday, we went looking for a Chinese restaurant from my list, China Cooks (this one had been on the list for five or more years).  As I was looking for the address on Google, I ran across several Yelp reviews, almost all of whom said that they only ate at China Cooks, […]

Table & Main – Roswell, GA

For the last six months, at the least, everyone has been telling me how good the fried chicken was at Table & Main.  But here’s the thing – you just can’t get to Roswell from our house at any time between 6:00 am – 10:00 pm.  Which really puts a damper on eating there.  Earlier […]

Cibo e Beve – Sandy Springs, GA

Jo had mentioned Cebo e Beve (which, according to our waiter is Italian slang for “grub and beverage”) as she had seen them on 11Alive as a server of Springer Farms chicken, when we had been eating at Ammazza the weekend before.  As we were looking for some place new for lunch that we could […]

Rhea’s Take Out Foods – Roswell, GA

Let me preface this blog post by saying that it’s easier for us to eat in the city of Atlanta than it is to eat in Roswell.  It may actually be easier to eat in Chattanooga or Birmingham.  There’s just not a good way to get there from Paulding County.  It takes FOREVER.  Nevertheless, today […]

Rumi’s Kitchen – Sandy Springs, GA

For those who read the blog regularly, you’ll know that I tried to eat at Rumi’s Kitchen about three weeks ago, but had the address wrong and ended up eating a bad (and according to a couple of comments, a bad-looking) pizza instead.  When I was talking with some of our friends about dinner on […]