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Bilbo’s Bar-B-Que – Bremen, GA

The third (and final) stop on the Bankhead Highway Barbecue Run was unscheduled (I was heading to Tallapoosa – guess I’ll save that for a part two) and involved a u-turn after catching a small sign saying “barbecue” out of the corner of my eye.   On a hilltop, and not really visible from the […]

Gabe’s Downtown – Douglasville, GA 

At some point in the last few months, a new restaurant has opened in downtown Douglasville.  We first noticed it when we went to look at the 1950s McDonald’s “set” they had built for the Ray Kroc biopic that was filming here last month.  We were excited to see they had opened – one of […]

Bubba Mac’s – Douglasville, GA 

I’d been talking about going to Bubba Mac’s for over a decade, but there never seemed to be the right time.   They had been located on Highway 92, just north of downtown Douglasville, since 1997 but we never seemed to make it in (there location was not conducive to my traffic patterns, but they’ve developed […]

Thumbs Up Diner – Douglasville, GA

We’ve eaten at Thumbs Up Diner several times over the last half-dozen years, at several of their locations.  We celebrated a homecoming from three months studying abroad with one of our daughters at the one on Edgewood.  I’ve had business breakfasts at the same spot.  And one of the most memorable was at the Marietta […]

Five Guys Burgers and Fries – Douglasville, GA

To the best of my knowledge, there are three great burger chains in this country: Five guys; Steak and Shake; and In-N-Out Burger. My friends would contend that Whataburger belongs there, but I disagree as I don’t believe they make their burgers out of fresh ground beef – the prime non-taste related criteria for moving […]

S’more BBQ – Douglasville, GA

On the site of a former Smokey Bones, S’more BBQ opened some time last year over by Arbor Place Mall.  We had driven by there several times but never had the occasion to stop.  Today, when we had no other place to be and needed to grab a quick bite, we pulled in. If I […]

Dinner’s Ready – Douglasville, GA – CLOSED

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED. For my birthday, my parents wanted to take us out for lunch.  Looking for something convenient, and knowing their fondness for the place, we met at Dinner’s Ready.  We’ve eaten there in the past, once or twice.  It’s been okay. In my opinion, there is a considerable issue with the management.  […]

Burke’s Grill – Douglasville, GA

As we get ready to kick off a food weekend, for Friday night dinner we were looking for someplace that met three key criteria: 1) new / different; 2) local (we would be in the city on Saturday and Sunday); and 3) good. One of the issues with where we are in the ‘burbs is […]

Beaver Creek Biscuit Company – Lithia Springs, GA

Probably the oddest things about eating at Beaver Creek Biscuit Company (featuring Turner’s Barbecue) are that I’ve lived within fifteen minutes of it for most of my life and 1) have never been there; and 2) hadn’t even heard of it until about three months ago.  As I’ve said before, when I was a kid […]