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Takorea – Atlanta, GA

Let me preface this post by saying that we love, love, love Hankook Taqueria and that we make our way there, often, when we’re looking for a quick bite on the West Side.  Heading to a matinee at the Fox on this Sunday, we decided to give chef Tomas Lee’s other restaurant, Takorea, a try. […]

Cypress Street Pint & Plate – Atlanta, GA

For a change, lately, I know where this referral came from – a friend said that I really needed to try the Sublime doughnut burger at Cypress Street Pint and Plate, and I wrote it down.  I wrote it down a year (or two) ago.  Today, as we were heading in town for lunch, it […]

Ah Ma Taiwanese Kitchen – Atlanta, Ga

We were dining several months back and asked our waiter where he liked to eat when he wasn’t working.  One of his answers surprised me – Ah Ma’s Taiwanese Kitchen, in Midtown.   I wrote down the name (and hid it in my heart).   I had seen it before, but it had never really registered. […]

The Oceanaire Seafood Room – Atlanta, GA

After a “bust” evening at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival (note: just because the festival is open until 10:00, doesn’t mean the vendors are open past 7:00), we were looking for dinner.   Since we’d already paid (quite handily) for parking, we looked for options within walking distance.  I had eaten at the Oceanaire Seafood Room […]

Chicago’s Nancy’s Pizza – Atlanta, GA

With a meeting down town that ran through my typical lunch hour, by the time that it was over I was building a ferocious hunger.  Some one had recently told me how much they enjoyed the deep dish, Chicago-style pizza at Nancy’s, on Ponce.   I was heading north from downtown on Piedmont and made […]

Einstein’s – Atlanta, GA

Looking for a brunch spot, on Open Table (so we didn’t have to wait) on the way to midtown, you only have so many choices.  I didn’t know that I’ve been to Einstein’s in at least five years and knew that I hadn’t blogged about it, so I grabbed the 10:45 slot and we parked […]

Diner – Atlanta, GA

As we really enjoy Rosebud, I’ve been looking forward to the opening of Ron Eyester’s Diner since I first heard word of it last summer.  With a limited opening on March 5 (serving a limited version of the menu), we decided to stop in the afternoon for an early dinner and see what we thought.  […]

Trace – Atlanta, GA

This Sunday’s morning episode of “what do you want to eat?” is brought to you by “where can we make a reservation that isn’t a barbecue restaurant?”  I was looking for someplace that was billed as farm-to-table and the reviews of Trace seemed to fit that bill.   As I was pulling up the address, I […]

Atmosphere French Restaurant – Atlanta, GA

Located in Ansley Park, I’ve driven by the cottage that is home to Atmosphere French Restaurant dozens of times, but I’ve never stopped in for dinner.  It’s been on “The List” since 2006, but rarely do I get a hankering for French food, so it hasn’t risen near the top.  In a recent conversation with […]

Lure – Atlanta, GA

On this Saturday we were looking for some place new for lunch and made our choice based on a combination of availability of reservations and OpenTable ratings.  Lure was in the first 10, rating-wise, and had a spot available, so it was decided.  We arrived around 1:30 to find the valet missing.  We waited a […]