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Hattie Marie’s – College Park, GA

After roaming around with my beloved on a Friday morning, we stopped by her sister’s house, as we were getting ready for lunch.  She mentioned that a new barbecue place had opened in downtown College Park last week.  We happened to be in the area around lunch time today.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Off we […]

One Flew South – Atlanta, GA

For the last couple of years, I’ve read about how good the food is at One Flew South.  And not just in the local press – the first write-up I remember was in Conde Nast Traveler.  It was even named as a semi-finalist for a James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Service award.  But I never had […]

Pit Boss BBQ – Hapeville, GA

When I pulled into the parking lot of Pit Boss BBQ, and I mentioned to my beloved that her sister and her family liked to eat there, her exact words were, “but I bet they don’t dine in.”  After a morning spent cutting up the tree that was felled  during the recent windstorms,  we had […]

The Brake Pad – College Park, GA

I could have sworn that I had previously blogged about the Brake Pad, but looking back I have not.  My sister-in-law and her family live in historic College Park and we seem to end up at the Brake Pad primarily with them, and generally while there’s a Georgia game on the TV (her husband is […]

Hambones Southern Style BBQ – Hapeville, GA

When Grant and I were planning our co- blogging dinner (auto correct changed “dinner” to “fibber” when I originally typed that word, that may have been a  Freudian confession about my food experiences) to Righteous ‘Que (chronicled here and here), I mentioned five or six barbecue joints that I had planned to go to and […]