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Bleu House Market – Norcross, GA

I love the chance to meet one of my girls for lunch.  And when the lunch spot, unbeknownst to us, ends up being a barbecue spot, it’s a double win.  Looking for some place new to try, one of her co-workers told her that the Market, in Norcross, was her “kind of place”.  Unsure what […]

Xin’s Chinese Cuisine – Duluth, GA

Another day roaming alone for lunch, another new place.  Today, I was actually heading to Masterpiece, as I hadn’t been in almost two weeks, when I noticed another Chinese restaurant in the same strip mall.  Walking down to Xin’s Chinese Cuisine, they had carry out menus by the outside door, so I grabbed one and […]

Sabor Inka – Norcross, GA

Heading out for lunch on lone wolf Thursday, I was looking for something new. I headed down Pleasant Hill Road towards 29, a stretch of road on which I usually don’t drive.  Then I saw the sign above, with a banner underneath it that said that they were now open seven days a week, and […]

I Luv Pho – Norcross, GA

One of my co-workers has invited me several times to join him at I Luv Pho and, not being the biggest pho fan, I’ve passed.  Today, he mentioned it again and I asked the question I should have asked the first time – “Do they have anything other than pho?”  The answer was a resounding […]

Panaderia Elizabeth – Norcross, GA

On the way to get my (current) favorite nachos in the world last week, I noticed a parking lot full of pickups in front of a building that was formerly a Dairy Queen.  That (the number of trucks, not the closed Dairy Queen) is always such a promising sign.  Driving back, I saw the sign […]

Don Pedro – Norcross, GA

On another lone-wolf Wednesday, my quest for food took me south on Buford Highway.  As I was driving and looking for a place, I recalled having seen Don Pedro (Real Mexican Food) about two weeks ago, while going elsewhere, and the parking lot was absolutely packed.  And packed with trucks (that’s always a good sign).  […]

Paizano’s – Norcross, GA

Looking for a spot for a work lunch between Duluth and Marietta always seems to be a challenge – there just isn’t much “in the middle”.  As I was given the choice of location,  I chose some place that I had not been, and we went to Paizano’s in downtown Norcross.  The city of Norcross […]