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Yum’s II – Washington, DC

Tonight’s first dinner comes to you courtesy of an article from the July 2011 issue Travel and Leisure, called “The United States of Deliciousness”.  In it, the chef at Beef & Barley raved about the Philly cheesesteak at Yum’s II.  He said it was the best cheesesteak, outside of Philly.  Challenge accepted. In town for […]

Rose’s Luxury – Washington, DC

If you read yesterday’s lament (note: the lament was definitely not about where I ate – which was a phenomenal meal, but about where I didn’t get to eat) about the plumbing problem, that once again, thwarted my attempt to go to Rose’s Luxury, you’ll be pleased to hear that the quest is finally over.  […]

Little Serow – Washington, DC

Every spring, for the last twenty-something years, I head to a conference in Washington, DC.  As with every other adventure I take, there’s always planning around the Omnivore’s Dilemna.  Last year, I tried to get to a restaurant that was new to the scene in 2014 and has been named the second best restaurant in […]

Fiola Mare – Washington, DC

On this trip to DC, I did a little exploring and determined, in advance, where I could make a reservation for dinner that was on one of my lists.  I knew that the top spot on my “to-do” list did not take reservations (Rose’s Luxury), so I looked at other choices.  From the Southern Living […]

Ping Pong Dim Sum – Washington, DC

After arriving in DC and dropping our bags at the hotel, food was shortly on our mind.  I asked the concierge about restaurants in Chinatown and he gave me two names, both near the metro station.  We saw Ping Pong Dim Sum first, so it “won”.  We’re fond of dim sum – and what could […]

Komi – Washington, DC

When I opened up “the lists” to find C F Folks earlier in the day, I took note of the other five District options, and before I headed to lunch I looked about making a dinner reservation.  But here’s the delimma – OpenTable (my go-to food planning site) won’t let you make a reservation for […]

C.F. Folks – Washington, DC

Arriving in DC mid-morning for an early afternoon meeting, the top thing on my agenda was lunch. I checked one of my lists (100 Places to Eat Now – Southern Living, August, 2013) and found six places in the District. Three of those appear to be open for lunch and one is close to my […]

Black and Orange – Washington, DC

In DC for a business meeting, I decided to blow off the cocktail party and go for a walk – to the Jefferson Memorial.  In all of the years that I’ve been traveling to the Capitol, I have been fortunate enough to see most of the monuments except for those on the southern-most side of […]

Tune Inn Restaurant – Washington, DC

The third stop in our DC burger adventure was just behind the Capitol building, the Tune Inn Restaurant.  In the same family since 1955, the thing that struck me most was the note on the menu that they hold the District of Columbia’s second oldest pouring license, dating back to 1947.  This place is a […]

Ben’s Chili Bowl – Washington, DC

March was a great burger month.  I headed up to DC on business for three nights and managed to squeeze in three burger joints.  The first was Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street.  We took a cab up from where we were staying, giving the cabbie the address.  We drove around for quite a bit, […]