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Hunter’s Cafe – Shellman Bluff, GA

Heading toward north Florida for a conference, we crossed through Savannah a little late for the places I wanted to stop for lunch.  But I had this place in Shellman Bluff on my list, that had been there for years.  And when I pulled it up on the interwebs, they were closing before we could […]

The Porch – St Simons Island, GA

We’ve been going to Saint Simon’s Island since our kids were small. Now that they’re adults, with families of their own, we’ve started going back – renting a house for Labor Day weekend.  One of the big questions is always, “what are we going to do for dinner?”  There are a couple of regular haunts, […]

The Grey – Savannah, GA

Everybody, everywhere, seems to be talking about Mashama Bailey lately (she was on CBS Saturday morning last weekend, for example).   When we were heading to the beach, and going to be in Savannah for lunch, I had an idea where we’d be stopping: The Grey, where Ms Bailey is executive chef.  In what was […]

Charlie Joseph’s – LaGrange, GA

Heading down to the Middle East (of Alabama), we were rolling down I-85 and realized that we were running out of choices, rapidly, for lunch (if we wanted to eat soon) when I remembered seeing a sign about chili dogs last time we went to Pine Mountain.  Nearing 185, I saw the sign for Charlie […]

Blakely Chicken – Blakely, GA

  This story is probably best told as the fried-chicken-that-almost-got-away. Camping over in Eufala, we were as close as we were going to be, in the forseeable future, to Blakely Chicken – within an hour’s drive. It had hit my radar in an article in Garden n Gun with this quote from Linton Hopkins: “If […]

Duck’s Trolly – Manchester, GA

While camping in Pine Mountain with some friends, we were out roaming through all the stores in the surrounding towns.  While checking out the Meriwether County visitor center in Warm Springs, I heard someone ask the guide about Duck’s Trolly, in Manchester. “Best burger around,” was the reply.  That did it for me.  When discussions […]

Bennie’s Red Barn – Saint Simons Island, GA

Ever since our kids were small, St. Simons Island has always been a special place for our family.  As our family has grown (with the addition of two sons in law), we’ve made a Labor Day weekend tradition of renting a house and all going down for the long weekend.  There are places that we […]

Walls Barbecue Restaurant – Savannah, GA

The first time that we attempted to eat at Wall’s BBQ, it was dark and pouring down rain.  And we could not find the restaurant.  You see, it’s on one of the weird non-streets that they have in Savannah.  We kept driving around where our GPS thought it was and never saw it.  You access […]

Gary Lee’s Market – Brunswick, GA

This post is brought to you courtesy of a comment I recently received on the review of Southern Soul Barbecue.  Nichole said that if I liked Southern Soul (which I do), I should really give Gary Lee’s Market a try.  Interestingly, on my last trip to Jesup, driving up from Jacksonville, I got off at […]

Splendid Shabu – Pooler, GA

About two months ago, our daughter was telling us about this wonderful new place that had opened around the corner from them that was like Asian fondue.  When we were visiting today, and arrived just before lunch, she suggested that we try Splendid Shabu.  We entered a restaurant that was about half filled with tables […]