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Golden Seven Two – Suwanee, GA

In the continuing exploration of places around my office that I haven’t eaten, today’s episode took me up Buford Highway to Suwanee Town Center.  I’ve dined at most of the places currently there (and a couple that are no longer) and drove all the way to the Lawrenceville-Suwanee end of the complex before finding Golden […]

Tom + Chee – Kennesaw, GA 

Over the last ten months, I’ve eaten at two different Tom+Chee restaurants, on three different occasions.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve LOVED grilled cheese and tomato soup together and thought the idea of a restaurant focused on that pairing was brilliant.  These guys got their big start on Shark Tank and have now […]

Poke’ Bar – Suwanee, GA

Several weeks ago, I saw an emailed article about the rise of poke’ (or Hawaiian poke’) in Atlanta and have been wanting to give it a try.  Last night, heading down Buford Highway I searched for a poke’ place, via Google maps, and found none.  Undaunted, I determined to try it today, for lunch.  Looking […]

Waterloo Burgers – Flowery Branch, GA

Owned by the same folks that have Moonie’s Texas Barbecue down the street, Waterloo Burgers opened in late January of this year.  Someone with whom I travel quarterly was telling me about this place in May when we were visiting a common client and I had been wanting to give it a try, so two […]

Cinco Mexican Cantina – Suwanee, GA

It was an unusual lonewolf Monday as I set out for lunch today.  On most Mondays I have at least someone else in the office to dine with.  So I headed up towards Suwanee looking to see what I might find.  I found Cinco Mexican Cantina (part of a local four location chain in North […]

Tanner’s in Suwanee – Suwanee, GA

Back in the “old days”, which for the purposes of this post were the early 90s, we used to eat at a Tanner’s Chicken, at the corner of Indian Trail Road and Highway 29.  In fact, we ate there quite a lot.  Primarily because one of our sales guys ate nothing but steak or chicken […]

Brown Bag Deli & Cafe – Suwanee, GA

Out roaming on my own again at lunch time, I headed up to Suwanee Town Center, thinking that there must be a couple of places there that I had not yet tried.  One of the first “new-to-me” places I saw was Brown Bag Deli & Cafe and my decision was made.  I parked in front […]

Lucky Dog – Suwanee, GA

I remember several months ago when I read Marie Let’s Eat’s paean to the Vienna hotdog, I thought that I ought to try one of those.  As I was lone wolfing for lunch today, and looking for something quick and close to the office, I remembered seeing Lucky Dog when I was heading up Buford […]

Praise the Lard BBQ – Buford, GA

Several weeks ago, my daughter told me about a new place they had gone to eat over the weekend, Praise the Lard BBQ.  I’ll have to admit, I was committed to going once I heard the name.  Sharing space in a short strip mall with Journey Church, PTL looks much smaller from the outside than […]

Aqua Terra Bistro – Buford, GA

Today, as the second ice/snow event of the year closed in upon us, I was meeting someone for lunch at Rico’s World Kitchen, in Buford.  When I got there, I got a primo parking spot, and then looked around and realized that was because there weren’t but two other cars there.  As I got out […]