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The Joint – New Orleans, LA

On a recent trip to Metairie, the folks I was meeting with asked what was on my agenda.  “A decent lunch” was part of my reply.  By 11:00, we had a couple of choices, both in the Bywater neighborhood.  I was not familiar with this area, which is on the river, over by Crescent City […]

Dooky Chase’s Restaurant – New Orleans, LA

In conversation with several of the folks I work with, I had mentioned that we were going to Willie Mae’s for lunch on Friday.  Several said “if you’re going to Willie Mae’s for chicken, you really need to go to Dooky Chases’s Restaurant“.  So after roaming around several of the suburbs on a shopping expedition, […]

Willie Mae’s Scotch House – New Orleans, LA 

Willie Mae’s Scotch House has been on my “to-try” list on the last half dozen trips to New Orleans, but business concerns haven’t aligned with the ability to get there.  I first read about it in Garden & Gun’s “100 Southern Foods You Absolutely, Positively Must Try Before You Die”, several years back and today, […]

Restaurant R’evolution – New Orleans, LA

We originally had reservations elsewhere for our third dinner in NOLA, but one of folks that I work with there told me that I really needed to think about going to Restaurant R’evolution, instead.  He knows that I like to eat (a huge understatement) and he persuaded me.  To the point of me seeing if […]

Coquette – New Orleans, LA 

Before we left for a business trip for NOLA, I consulted my sources and made some plans.   Cross referencing my list with places that took reservations, I locked in three places for dinner, with the middle night being at Coquette.  We ended up just down Magazine Street from the previous night’s meal at Le […]

Le Petite Grocery – New Orleans, LA

The first nice dinner in NOLA was at Le Petite Grocery, which ended up being Jo’s favorite meal of the week.   Located Uptown, on Magazine, this restaurant opened in 2004 in a building that had housed a grocery store, under one set of owners or another, for more than a century. Executive Chef (since 2007) […]

Port of Call – New Orleans, LA

Arriving in New Orleans, fairly late, on Monday evening, and looking for a quick dinner, Hamburger America sent us to Port of Call, a bar (there’s no other word for it) on Esplanade.   I called to check their hours, afraid they might close at nine and found that they were only open until midnight, since […]

Mr Ed’s Oyster Bar – Metairie, LA

Arriving in Metairie for a meeting, I was surprised when they asked me what I wanted to do for lunch.  Because, as always, when there was food involved, I did have a plan. Before I left, I looked on my list, for places near where we were going to be, and found Bozo’s in the […]