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South of Heaven – Carrollton, GA

On a random Saturday at home, we decided to head west to Carrollton to do a little shopping.  As we pulled into downtown, I recalled that some friends had told us about a new (less than a year old) barbecue place that had opened there.  After a brief consult on choices, we decided to give […]

Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse – Cartersville, GA

About two years back, we had dinner at Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse, at their original incarnation in Euharlee.  We were in Cartersville the weekend after the 4th of July and looking for lunch, when I remembered that they had moved.  We headed over, late in the lunch hour, and found a fairly empty restaurant. My beloved […]

JD’s Bar-B-Que – Woodstock, GA

As we were roaming around the northwest suburbs, lunch time rolled around and I was (of course) searching the area for a spot.  JD’s Bar-B-Que appeared on my phone, and I set our travel plans toward Bells Ferry (they also have an Acworth location).  They’ve been open since 1999 and at some time in the past […]

Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse – Euharlee, GA

After a Saturday morning during which I surprised my wife by digging into some yard work, without prior contemplation (or prodding), about six hours into it, I suggested that we drive up to Euharlee to eat barbecue and received an affirmatory nod.  Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse is, basically, a destination dinner.  Not because the food is […]

Scott’s Walk-Up Barbecue – Cartersville, GA

Today, we took the name of Scott’s Walk-Up Barbecue to heart, as I thought they were located in a different spot than they actually are.  I proudly wheeled onto Main Street and parked near the Booth (a wonderful museum, if you haven’t been) and hopped out – then couldn’t find the restaurant.  I pulled up […]

Joe’s BBQ – Blue Ridge, GA

About two weeks back, TripAdvisor set the barbecue world on its collective ear, by declaring Georgia the barbecue “Capitol”, with three Georgia spots in their top 10, in this list.  Friends from around the country (particularly Texans) immediately took umbrage and started questioning the quality of the rankings.  Sadly, I had personally been to none […]

Partridge Restaurant – Rome, GA

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we drove up to Rome to attend an honor society induction and to have lunch with our daughter and her boyfriend.  When you attempt to avoid chain restaurants in Rome, your choices are somewhat limited. We headed downtown to Broad Street, likely headed to Jefferson’s or Harvest Moon, when the […]