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Scotty’s Soul Food – Midland, TX

Landing at Midland Air & Space* Port, I was confronted with lunch choices: chicken fried steak?  Or barbecue?  I decided on the former and asked the young lady at the car rental counter, “Who has the best chicken-fried steak in Midland or Odessa?”  She answered, without hesitation, “Scotty’s Soul Food.” Decision made.  I plugged the […]

Short Leash Dogs: Sit… Stay – Phoenix, AZ

One of my guides for food in Phoenix on this trip, was this article from – the 12 Essential Restaurants in Phoenix.  And it led me to a hot dog place, which arose from a food truck, for lunch – Short Leash Dogs.  The tag line is “Become a Naan Believer”.  I love a good […]

Matt’s Big Breakfast – Phoenix, AZ

When I was planning our trip, I knew that one morning we’d be starting a day at Matt’s Big Breakfast.  Why not start there, on the first morning?  When we showed up at 8:05 on a Saturday, the place was already packed.  We talked with the host and he said that the 15-20 people waiting […]

The Stand – Phoenix, AZ

Coming into Arizona from the east coast during the 8 months or so when they’re on Pacific time, always makes eating a challenge.  By the time we landed, got a car and were on the road, it was both time for dinner (6:30 locally) and time for bed (9:30 at home).  I made the executive […]

Off Site Kitchen – Dallas, TX

   Finishing up our visit to the Texas State Fair, we were looking for something to eat on the way to the airport.  I had a couple of places and mind and gave Jo a choice of burgers or barbecue.  She chose burgers and I had found Off Site Kitchen in this fabulous book Where […]

Meat U Anywhere Barbecue – Grapevine, TX

Heading to the Texas state fair, we landed at DFW with a shopping destination on my beloved’s mind.  I, on the other hand, was thinking of food.  This should not be a shock to anyone that knows me.  I opened the Texas Monthly Barbecue Finder (this is a great app – if you like barbecue […]

Pecan Lodge – Dallas, TX

One of the top “food” spots planned for our trip was to make it to Pecan Lodge, in Dallas.  We have an office in downtown Dallas, and I had heard about the consistently excellent barbecue they were putting out from their prior location in the farmers’ market.  But I never seemed to be in town, […]