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Mix’d Up Burgers – Atlanta, GA

Coming back from a few days out of town, we were confronted with “the lunch question”.  Instead of being met with a quizzical look when I asked, there was a definitive response – “How about that place with the great bean burger, that’s drive through only?”  I knew she was talking about Mix’d Up Burgers […]

Mary Hoopa’s House of Fried Chicken and Oysters – Atlanta, GA

I’ve been thinking about Mary Hoopa’s House of Fried Chicken & Oysters, for about three months.  Maybe longer.  I knew it was coming, as I’m a fan of Chef Robert Phalen and his One Eared Stag, and, some time last year, I heard that he was opening a fried chicken place, serving his “once-a-week” fried […]

Brush Sushi Izakaya – Decatur, GA

Brush Sushi Izakaya has been on my radar for several months, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.  Everyone raves about their omakase service (this translates to “I’ll leave it up to you”, in Japanese and it’s a chef’s choice of sushi and ingredients).  But that much raw seafood is  a bit of a stretch for […]

Greater Good BBQ – Atlanta, GA

The Greater Good wasn’t our original lunch destination.  Working off my original list, we were heading toward Queen of Sheba, an Ethiopian spot that’s been on my list for almost 12 years.  I googled the address and the hours (not wanting to show up some place that was only open for dinner) and was surprised […]

Anna’s BBQ – Atlanta, GA

About mid way through “Barbecue Week”, there was an article on – Atlanta about where the local chefs like to eat barbecue.  I love these articles as they always point out some place that I didn’t have on my radar.  This time, the blip was Anna’s BBQ, in Kirkwood.  A couple of the chefs […]

Kavarna Coffee – Decatur, GA

So…. after the really bland burger, my beloved asked me how close we were to “that place with the house-made pumpkin spice latte”.   That phrase equates to Kavarna Coffee.  Earlier in the month, when we ate at Steinbeck’s, the server had told us how good the pumpkin spice latte was across the street.  We went […]

Steinbeck’s Ale House – Decatur, GA

We’ve been working our way through Atlanta Magazine’s list of the twenty best burgers, on and off, since it was published in January.   Tonight, we’re knocking off one of our two remaining places in the top ten, Steinbeck’s Ale House in Oakhurst, tonight.   This selection was based on a combination of location and […]