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Lan Zhou Ramen – Chamblee, GA

Back in October, I was heading down Buford Highway, looking for dinner, when I put “ramen” in Google maps. It led me to Lan Zhou Ramen.  Lan Zhou shares a parking lot with both Chef Liu and Supermercado Chicago (home of fantastic tamales at the counter in the back – and the best fresh masa […]

Sushi House Hayakawa – Atlanta, GA

Another place that has been on the list for a decade is Sushi House Hayakawa.  When it first appeared on my radar, I was not nearly as adventurous an eater as I’ve evolved into.  As a result, whenever I was looking for a place to go, it kept moving toward the bottom of the list.  […]

Co’m Vietnamese Grill 

I’ve been meaning to eat at Co’m Vietnamese Grill for quite a while.  We had even been in one night for dinner while my beloved was doing the whole thirty and couldn’t find any dishes that weren’t rice or noodle based, so we went elsewhere.   When a cohort wanted to meet for lunch near the […]

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House 

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House is another place that had been on my radar for a decade, but one that I never seemed to make it to.  Not being the biggest fan of Korean food, these restaurants tend to get pushed aside for something else, when I am in the area.  It is in […]

Xin’s Chinese Cuisine – Duluth, GA

Another day roaming alone for lunch, another new place.  Today, I was actually heading to Masterpiece, as I hadn’t been in almost two weeks, when I noticed another Chinese restaurant in the same strip mall.  Walking down to Xin’s Chinese Cuisine, they had carry out menus by the outside door, so I grabbed one and […]

Pho Dai Loi 2 – Atlanta, GA

Pho Dai Loi 2 is another place that has been on “the list” for almost ten years.  Pho Dai Loi (implied 1) is in Jonesboro and there is a Pho Dai Loi 3 in Duluth, but I can’t find anything only that declares an affiliation.  But number “2” is the one that I’ve been supposed […]

Yet Tuh – Doraville, GA

Yet Tuh came to my mind as we headed up Buford Highway on a Saturday afternoon.  I had read a review about them in Atlanta Magazine, recently, which (basically) said that a meal at Yet Tuh is like Sunday lunch at your grandma’s house – provided that your grandma is Korean and can cook.   […]

Xelapan Cafeteria – Doraville, GA

One of my buddies sent me an email the other morning from Atlanta Magazine about Xelapan Cafeteria, telling me that we needed to try the place.   The review pegged it as my kind of place – the menu is not in English and there may or may not be somewhere there to interpret it […]

Man Chun Hong – Doraville, GA

Man Chun Hong is another place that has been on my list since 2006.  Not being a giant kimchi fan, Korean places tend to keep getting leap-frogged by other cuisine in the area.  This Sunday morning, we were heading up Buford Highway and I read a few Yelp reviews on the way.  Everyone was raving […]

Masterpiece – Duluth, GA

Masterpiece popped onto my radar with a small blurb in Atlanta magazine (you can read it yourself – it’s the last one on the wall on the left in the picture below) last month.  It was a small article about food happenings around town and told briefly of Chef Liu’s path, starting in Atlanta at […]