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Moonlite Bar-B-Que Inn – Owensboro, KY

As long as I’ve been writing this blog (actually, as long as I’ve been enamored with barbecue – so thirty+ years), I’ve heard about the uniqueness of mutton barbecue in Western Kentucky. As we were making our journey back home from Wisconsin, I knew we’d have to a make a stop, and set the GPS […]

Knoth’s Bar-B-Que, Grand Rivers, KY

Heading from Nashville toward Paducah, we stopped at the Kentucky visitors center on I-24 and asked if there were any barbecue places in that part of the state serving mutton (this is a “thing” in the Owensboro area of Kentucky).  The lady said that she thought that Knoth’s Bar-B-Que, over in Grand River, might and […]

Dizzy Whiz – Louisville, KY

On the way home from the track, I was starving – the mozzarella and tomato sandwich from noon time was long gone.  As we were getting back on the road, I remember having seen the sign on I-65 for Dizzy Whiz (since 1947).  I searched for their address on my phone and we headed in […]

J. Graham’s (the Brown Hotel) – Louisville, KY

On Oaks Day, we found ourselves downtown just in time for lunch.  On all of my lists, the only food on any of them in Louisville itself was a “Hot Brown”.   What better place to sample this local treat than in the hotel that bears its name.  Originally created by Fred K. Schmidt in 1926, […]