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Big Bad Breakfast – Oxford, MS

“Lard have mercy”.  That’s what it said on the t shirt that I was impulse buying at Big Bad Breakfast, because I found it so punny  (apparently so did Dolly Parton’s manager, as the lady who checked us out told her that he had come in, with Dolly in tow, to purchase one for her).  […]

Snackbar – Oxford, MS

We first visited Oxford, Mississippi several years ago on the way back home from a funeral in Memphis.  Oxford was (kind of) on the way and we were looking for a different route home than we had taken there (the non-existent I-22).  We had thought the town looked quaint and it fit our desired days’ […]

Abe’s Bar-B-Q – Clarksdale, MS

We rolled into Clarksdale, just ahead of a storm that we had driven through for most of the last 100 miles, following us like a “Hellhound on My Trail”.  Driving south through Arkansas into Mississippi, we were going down to the crossroads, hoping to catch Abe’s Bar-B-Q, as opposed to a ride.   Or the devil (like […]

Phillips Grocery – Holly Springs, MS

After the disappointment in Amory, we took a series of two- and four-lane roads to Holly Springs, MS.  Bill’s was the first time that a burger from the book hadn’t been at least “good”, so I was hoping for a good experience at Phillips Grocery. The building was built in the late 1800s and started […]

Bill’s Hamburgers – Amory, MS

So we were heading to Memphis and, lo and behold, along the future I-22 corridor between Birmingham and the birthplace of rock ‘n roll, lay two burger joints on “the list”.  The first was Bill’s Hamburgers in Amory, MS, just across the Mississippi line, leaving Alabama. As the sign says, it was founded in 1929.  […]