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Bonnie’s Place – Lansing, MI

Bonnie’s Place is a bar (there’s really no other description for it) in Lansing, MI, just off the campus of Michigan State.  I was in Detroit on business and realized that if I left the office by 5:00 pm, I could make it to Elderly Instruments, over in Lansing, for an hour or so before […]

Ginopolis’ Bar-B-Q – Farmington Hills, MI

So, here it is a cool December day and I’m driving into our Detroit office for an afternoon meeting and I see this sign: “World’s Greatest Ribs”?  Challenge accepted!  I know when I think of the centers of the rib universe, Michigan jumps right to the top of the list….. So, I get inside and […]

Krazy Jim’s Blimpie Burger – Ann Arbor, MI

After Motz’s, I don’t know that I could have a BETTER burger, but I still had two hours before I flew home, so I definitely could have a DIFFERENT burger. Combining a map, where I was, and the Hamburger America app, I realized that I could make it to Ann Arbor in time for a […]

Motz’s Burgers – Detroit, MI

Stop number three. I was highly disappointed at Hunter House and still had more than two hours before my plane home, so I pulled up the address and headed over to Motz’s. Motz’s is south of the ballparks downtown, which are very close to Canada.  I had no idea that the closest point to Canada […]

Hunter House Hamburgers – Birmingham, MI

Open since 1952, Hunter House Hamburgers had a big sign out front that they had been named the best burgers in Michigan.  I felt obliged to take the challenge.  Like Carter’s before it, and Motz’s after it, it’s all about the onions. In fact, the T-shirts at Hunter House say “Onion breath is better than […]

Carter’s Hamburgers – Dearborn, MI

Well, August 25 was a red letter day in burgerdom for me.   I had to be in Detroit on business and I knew I’d have a couple of hours, post-meeting, before I caught my plane. On my way from the airport, I had to make a U-turn when I missed my turn due to […]

Miller’s Bar – Dearborn, MI

I had the opportunity to be in Detroit, exploring an opportunity and with some time to kill before I had to catch a plane, I realized that I had a chance to get to Miller’s Bar in Dearborn.  The sign on the left is actually the outside wall, facing the cross street. Inside, it is […]