Cheesesteaks – Philadelphia, PA

So we asked everyone we met in Philadelphia where we should go for a cheesesteak. We got almost as many answers as there were people we asked. So we decided that we’d make it easier and narrow it down to two that were across the street from each other – Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s King of Steaks.

You can stand in front of either one and see the folks at the other. We actually chose Geno’s because the line was shorter. The choices were fairly simple: with or without onions and your choice of cheese – American or Provolone. I chose American cheese without. Jo went for provolone with.

But, as these opportunities present themselves so infrequently, I thought, “when are we going to be back in Philadelphia to try the OTHER place across the street?”

So then we went to Pat’s.

There, they added the varietal option of Cheese Whiz, so that choice was simple. But, since we had already eaten a cheesesteak each, we decided to share one. I never really gave much thought to how they made cheesesteak. Apparently, when done right, it starts with ribeyes. And then it ends with my half of a Whiz, without:

No misteak. We decided we preferred Pat’s.

Geno's Steaks on UrbanspoonPat's King of Steaks on Urbanspoon

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