Le Tub – Hollywood, FL

2011 WAS the year of the burger. Okay, at least it was one of the years of the burger. In March, heading to Miami for a conference, on the way south from the Fort Lauderdale airport we stopped to eat at Le Tub Saloon. This was another recommendation from Hamburger America. In 2006, it was chosen as the #1 burger in America by GQ Magazine. Then Oprah did a special on it.

We stopped for a late lunch on a Wednesday. The parking lot was crowded and the inside was pretty full. We took a table and looked at the menu – the most prominent item was the Sirloinburger. A THIRTEEN OUNCE Sirloinburger. We looked at all of the tables around us. The burgers looked huge. So we decided to order one and split it. We waited about 35 minutes. I guess it takes a while to cook almost a pound of hamburger. It was a good choice – the burger WAS huge. Amazingly, it was cooked exactly as we ordered it, throughout. That’s a tall order with a burger that size.

While we were waiting for our food, a pair of snowbirds landed and ordered at the table next to us. They talked for a bit and they they ordered a burger. Each of them. Twenty minutes later, our food shows up. We hear Papa Snowbird say to Mama Snowbird, “oh my, we probably should have split one….”

I’ve recommended it to several folks heading to Miami and I’d definitely go back.
Le Tub Saloon on Urbanspoon

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