Abbatoir – Atlanta, GA – CLOSED


Opening in 2010, Abbatoir was getting the buzz from most sources as one of the best new restaurants in Atlanta.  We tried to go earlier in the summer, but had to cancel the reservation, but were able to keep one for an early Saturday dinner in mid-July.  Abbatoir, owned by the Star Provisions group that also gave the city Bacchanalia and Floataway Cafe, refers to a slaughterhouse, hence the focus on offal and other odd parts on the menu.

I asked the waitress what would be a good choice and her question was, “How adventurous are you feeling?”  I opted out of the various pig and cow parts, and settled on a house made frankfurter with leeks, onion and mustard.

The frankfurter was quite good.  They said that the bestseller on the menu was their wagyu steak, but I went with the chicken schnitzel.  This thing was HUGE.  And tasty.  With bacon chutney (mmmmmm – bacon) and a tomato and cucumber salad.

I think the key to Abbatoir would be to go with a large enough group where you could sample other’s food.  And go with people who are, at least, as adventurous as you are, culinary-wise.
Abattoir on Urbanspoon

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