In-N-Out – Berkley, CA

No trip to California would be complete without a stop at the BEST chain restaurant in the West: In-N-Out.

 Heading back into San Francisco, we realized that we needed to eat and had no earthly idea what we wanted.  And then we saw the sign on the side of the freeway.  The clouds broke, a beam of sun shone through and trumpets sounded.  I took a quick look in the rearview, slammed on the brakes, flipped on the blinker and up the ramp we went.

“Quality you can taste” is their motto.  We were in the mood to taste the quality.  You see, we first discovered In-N-Out in 2004, when we took the girls to San Fransisco and Yosemite.  We were staying at a hotel near Fisherman’s Wharf and after a long day of sight-seeing, we were hungry and looking for someplace to grab a quick bite.  Just around the corner we saw something that resembled the golden arches and figured that we’d give it a try.

That night, we first sampled the glory of the Double-Double.  This picture is from a 2011 visit.  Two 100% beef patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce (off mine, on Jo’s), tomatoes (look at the extra stack on mine!) and optional onions.  It’s hard to describe what make an In-N-Out burger different.  In terms of great “chain” burgers, there are at least three – In-N-Out, Five Guys and Steak and Shake.  My buddy David would argue that Whataburger should be included, but I don’t think they use beef ground fresh daily – an automatic disqualification in my book.  Back to In-N-Out: the Double-Double is really good.  But the fries are great!  They’re like thick Steak and Shake fries, cooked to a glorious gold.  Maybe some (glorious) day, they’ll make their way to the east coast.

A parting photo for posterity…

Check out this gem that I discovered from 2007:

As I said above, we discovered In-N-Out in 2004 when we were out west.  When Madison and I went on her Excellent 16th Birthday Adventure, she and I found an In-N-Out drive thru and swung through for burgers and fries.  I ran across this photo looking for something else.  Serendipity!


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