Ginopolis’ Bar-B-Q – Farmington Hills, MI

So, here it is a cool December day and I’m driving into our Detroit office for an afternoon meeting and I see this sign:

“World’s Greatest Ribs”?  Challenge accepted!  I know when I think of the centers of the rib universe, Michigan jumps right to the top of the list…..

So, I get inside and the first thing I notice on the menu is that they serve the “World Famous Montgomery Inn Ribs” (as endorsed by Bob Hope!), shipped directly from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Let me get this right: This place has the world’s greatest ribs and they don’t even make them themselves?

I figure since I’ve already parked, and it is cold outside, that I’ll stick around and check them out.  So I order a rack and wait.  While I’m waiting I notice the array of barbecue sauces that lie before me:

Any time that I see this many choices of sauce that there will potentially be something wrong with the barbecue.  (spoiler alert).  While I’m waiting, I sample them all.  The winners (in case you’re ever at Ginopolis’)?  Hickory and Brown Sugar and Sweet Chili.  The ribs come with two sides.  I can’t remember why I had three sides.  Cole slaw (which I wouldn’t have ordered if it was a choice), macaroni and cheese (which was common, but tasty) and an odd black-eyed peas with some carrots (?) and peppers in it.  The ribs, themselves:

From the picture, you can guess for yourself.  Pretty bad.  They lied.

Ginopolis on Urbanspoon

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