Boardwalk Burgers – Atlanta, GA – CLOSED


While heading to a Thursday night jam down at the Red Light Cafe, I noticed a new burger place had opened in Ansley Mall – Boardwalk Burgers. It turns out that it is a new franchise location for which, according to the sign on the wall and their web site, the concept was started by two brothers, walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD, who were reminiscing about their childhood visits to the boardwalk for the fresh-cut fries. The fries are cooked multiple times at different temperatures then lightly salted and served hot. By 1987, they had franchises across the country and decided to make a burger to go with it.

The interior was fairly standard (fast-food-like), with counter service from which you ordered one of their Signature burgers (Bacon Bleu, Mushroom Swiss, BBQ Bacon Cheddar) or you could design your own. They do also have dogs, chicken sandwiches and a veggie burger on the menu.

I went with the BBQ Bacon Cheddar. And their “World Famous Boardwalk Fries”. (I was tempted to ask which international accolades had been lauded upon them, but Shaniqua did not appear to be in the mood to share those).

It was good. It beat a chain burger from Wendy’s or Burger King or McDonald’s or ….. But it wasn’t a “top-tier” chain like In-N-Out or Five Guys or….

If I was in the neighborhood, I’d eat there, but I wouldn’t make the drive. And I’d have a hard time, being that close to 5 Napkin Burger to choose Boardwalk, if I had the time for not-so-fast-but-far-superior food.
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  1. […] looks very much like the new wave of burger joints in town (Canyon Burger, Boardwalk Burger, Smash Burger, etc) – you walk in through a “channel” of some sort (this was […]

  2. […] Service time was very quick so this definitely meets the “fast” food criteria.  I can see where SmashBurger would be a good quick food opportunity, if you were near one of their five Atlanta as locations.  I don’t think that they will pass Farm Burger or Yeah! Burger (or even the Counter) in terms of quality but they are in that same competitive space as Five Guys and Boardwalk Burgers. […]

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