Fish – Charleston, SC

With the package that we booked at the Francis Marion Hotel, they gave us gift certificates that could be used at a number of restaurants around the hotel.  For our last night in the city, we decided to use several of those and chose Fish.  It is a locally sourced, eclectic French-Thai fusion restaurant.  When we arrived, we were concerned at the youthful, loud crowd in the bar, but they led us through one dining room into a second and we had a very tranquil meal.

For an appetizer, we decided on Dim Sum – (from the top): a crab spring roll, with cilantro creme fraiche; duck confit steam bun, with truffled goat cheese; caramel pork belly on a steam bun; and a croque madame with tomato-onion marmalade.   I liked the pork belly best.  How can you not like uncured bacon on a Hawaiian sweet bun?
Jo then ordered a beet salad.

Arugula and tatsoi salad, with radishes and beets in a thai citrus vinagrette, with a goat cheese spring roll, to be exact.   I didn’t go quite as healthy with the starter:

House-made, panko-fried mozzarella with tomatoes and a basil sweet soy vinaigrette.   This bundle of deep-fried joy may have been the single best thing that I ate the entire time that we were in Charleston.
For dinner, Jo ordered the naked fish (olive oil, salt & pepper), which that night was mahi-mahi,

served with pad thai noodles and mushrooms and snap peas.

I went with the rabbit cordon bleu:

roasted rabbit, wrapped in ham and cheese and fried, served with a tomato/mushroom panini and brown butter carrots, on a bed of cilantro mustard cream.

A surprisingly excellent meal, which after the vouchers from the hotel, cost us $3.78, plus tip.

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