Farm Burger – Atlanta, GA

I have wanted to try Farm Burger, in Decatur, since right after it opened. This afternoon, being given the freedom to choose lunch, and realizing that FB had a location on Piedmont Road in Buckhead, the opportunity was taken. 

(taken after the line had died back a bit)

We arrived for a late lunch (around 2:30) and the joint was jumping.   Apparently, everyone else was having the same idea.  There were 10 to 15 folks in front of us in line, waiting to order when someone asked if we wanted to sit at the bar.  “Sure”, said I, and we were seated and commenced to ordering. 

They have a fairly good selection of appetizers for a burger joint – boiled peanuts, pickled veggies, caramelized onion dip with chips, deviled eggs, fried chicken livers, chicken pot pie fritters with apple butter and what we ordered – macaroni and cheese with pulled pork cheek. 

The pork on the mac & cheese was good and smoky with a nice tasting sauce.   It would have made a good barbecue sandwich.

We also ordered fries to go with our meals.  You can order either a side of fries with your burger, or a separate basket of fries (+ options).  As this was our first visit, we both ordered baskets.  I chose pimiento cheese fries with jalapenos. 

Jo ordered rings and fries.   She received three large rings and a goodly amount of fries with a smoky mayo with paprika.  I wasn’t expecting whole sliced jalapenos on my fries, but it worked out well as Jo pilfered a few slices for her burger.  The pimiento cheese was good and the heat from the jalapenos was  nice addition. 

On the burger front, you choose between either beef (grass-fed, per the sign), a quinoa veggie burger or ground chicken.  You can then either design your own burger or order one of their blackboard (pre-designed) burgers.

The bartender asked Jo what she preferred – beef, chicken or veggie.  Being the monster Yeah Burger fan that she is, her answer was “turkey”.   After a little conversation, the bartender sold her on the wonders of their ground chicken burger.   She ordered the number four. 

This was a ground chicken burger with smoked gouda, sherry-date barbecue sauce, kale coleslaw and crispy onions.   She deemed this burger “excellent”.

I had  a build-your-own burger with Vermont white cheddar and mayo.

What won me over with this one was the seared outside, coupled with the center of the burger cooked to a true medium.  You just can’t get that in a typical (thin) double patty burger.   And the grass-fed beef had just a touch of sweetness.   

We decided we could go back and easily split an order of fries.  That would put two gourmet burgers, fries and soft drinks under $25.  That’s a winner every day, and twice on Sunday.   They also have a lunch special for $8.25 consisting of a basic burger, fries and a soft drink, that looks like a pretty good deal. 

Rarely have we enjoyed some place so much that we considered heading back the next day.  I now believe that when I ask Jo if she wants to go downtown for a burger, there will be a pause, followed by a decision between chicken and turkey, where in the past there would have been an automatic “Yeah”….

Farm Burger on Urbanspoon

We’ve been back a couple of times since this review and we’ve tried a few more items:

Meatball sandwich special:IMG_3203Caprese salad: IMG_3241Pulled pork sandwich special: IMG_3242


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