Seasons 52 – Dunwoody, GA

After walking the Peachtree Road Race, we were ready for some food.  And so was our oldest.  So we put our heads together for a place close to where we both were – Cumberland and Lenox.  Perimeter was the NATURAL choice!  Well, maybe not, but when I mentioned Seasons 52 as an option, Jo affirmed quickly and we headed that way.

I first ate at Seasons 52 three or four years ago when we were looking for a vegetarian friendly spot for a business lunch (not an easy choice if you want them to have as much variety as we omnivores).  Jo and I have been half a dozen times over the last few years (as she’s fond of their flatbreads) and I’ve met more folks for business there (as it’s kind of a halfway spot between my office up 85 and the rest of the world’s offices up 75.)  With a food concept that every dish is under 475 calories, it seems like a “healthy” choice and, honestly, hard to believe for some of the selections. 

We started with a ripe plum tomato, roasted garlic and parmesan flatbread for the table.

It made a good start, while we were deciding on “real” food.   Shockingly, Jo started with a beet salad (arugula, watermelon, grilled beets, goat cheese, jicama and toasted pistachios).

She proclaimed it “good”.  I can trace this whole beet salad thing back to her first encounter at Urban Pl8.  I don’t know that anywhere else has come close, other than the seasonal side at Yeah! Burger.  I started with with the barbecue chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans. 

It was okay.  Kind of bland.  Of course, what do you expect when you order a banquet meal.  Aside from the idea that the meal will be low-cal, the REAL reason to go back are the sub-300 calorie dessert shooters.  Just enough dessert to satisfy the craving without blowing the calorie intake for the entire day.

I chose the Key Lime pie.  The girls chose chocolate peanut butter mousse and belgian chocolate rocky road (notice a pattern.)  I won <g>.
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