BGR: the Burger Joint – Atlanta, GA


About two weeks ago there was an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle about the “burger wars” in Atlanta and one of the contenders was BGR: the Burger Joint.  A place of which I’d never heard.   Hmmmm.   Challenge accepted.

Plotting a trip into the city, we found ourselves in the parking garage of Atlantic Station, at the foot of the escalator above.  

At the top, to the right, we walked into BGR.  It is a fairly typical walk in and order kind of place, with a diverse menu on the wall to greet you as you enter, 20120826-152827.jpg

and where they cook the burgers to order.  You can see the prep area behind the register where they always seemed to have some burgers in the queue.


We both went slightly away from the “standard” burgers, which caused our food to arrive a little slower than I expected.  Jo ordered a turkey burger (infused with portobello mushrooms and gorganzola cheese).


Infused seems an odd word to use describing this burger – blended would likely be better.  The burger had actual chunks of mushroom intermingled with the turkey and cheese throughout.  It was very much like a Flip burger.  

I went with the Cuban burger:


This is a burger, topped with ham (more like crispy bacon), pork loin (almost a boneless pork chop), spicy mustard and Swiss cheese.  It came to the table wrapped in tin foil and when I opened it, all of the smell and flavor poured out.  The side choices were Yukon Gold fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings and grilled asparagus. 

Our  intention was to share an order of fries, but when I went to pick them up, they had given fries to each of us.  I mentioned that to the young lady who gave us our order and got one of those “just keep ’em” responses.  The sharing would have been a good plan as one order would have been more than enough based on the serving.  I can see why the Chronicle listed them as a contender in the Atlanta market, we’ll be making another trip.
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  1. […] abated and I parked in the underground deck at that end.  Taking the giant escalator up toward BGR, I expected Chick-a-Biddy to be right there, in one of those restaurant spaces.  It was not to be […]

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