Le Burger Brasserie – Las Vegas, NV


Looking for a quick bite before a meeting and seeing the variety of burger options available at Le Burger Brasserie , I thought it might be a good quick, lunch choice.  Located in the Paris resort in Vegas (technically, it is in the walkway between the Paris and Bally’s resorts), it is, for all intents and purposes, a sports bar.  With waitresses who dress like they also pull a shift at Moulin Rouge.  Odd.

On the menu, the burger choices were broad (beef – including Kobe, chicken, veggie, salmon and turkey) with a number of preparation options.  I’d imagine that taking their “x” numbers of ingredients, the combinations and permutation likely number in excess of 1,000.  Accompanied by four types of pomme frites – skinny, fat, waffle and sweet potato – and other sides. They also offer salads and French-themed entrees (steak frites, etc.) as one would expect to find in a brasserie.

I chose a chicken burger, served as Provencial (Brie, applewood smoked bacon – substituted for turkey bacon – and caramelized shallots -omitted for me), with skinny fries.

The fries, as you can see, were voluminous.  And had a really nice crunch. And the burger was fine.  In retrospect, Brie does not make a perfect cheeseburger, in my mind, but there are also folks that like bleu cheeseburgers, so to each his own.  I won’t be ordering another with it on there.  The chicken was ground finely and cooked well, although a little dry.

I also found out later that Jo ate there as well, having a turkey burger which she said was above average.  Not cheap (roughly $20 per person – burger, fries and a soda), but, hey, this is Vegas.
Le Burger Brasserie on Urbanspoon

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