The Sound Table – Atlanta, GA


For the last several months, I kept hearing about the Sound Table, off Edgewood. One thing that I really hate is waiting forever for a table, so we generally pick a place where we can make a reservation, generally via Open Table. The Sound Table has never shown up for me on Open Table, therefore they never hit the radar.

Anyhow, as we enter the beginning stages of wedding frenzy, and had to drop off something in College Park, I realized today would be the chance.  I made the call and quickly had a 6:15 reservation.  It was obviously early, by the restaurant’s time frame, evidenced by the fact that we were the only people in the restaurant.  We were seated in a prime spot, in the front window and had a great view of both the street and the inside of the restaurant.  I imagine that this place really picks up  for dinner later in the evening  and after the DJ kicks in. 20121012-205637.jpg

After much discussion among us about the small menu (19 total items) and talking with the server, we learned that everything is a “small plate” (their description, not mine – the plates were actually pretty good sized).  We decided to treat it like tapas and go with 6 plates total.  I started with their smoked gazpacho (pictured above) with cilantro crema and bell pepper confetti.  We both deemed it as “smoked” something.  It was cold, like gazpacho but there was not really much tomato taste to it at all.

Jo ordered a spinach salad with curry dill dressing, egg, pearl onion and gruyere (not pictured) and I also ordered the oxtail tacos with roasted leek pico and Dale’s mustard. I’d never eaten oxtails before20121012-210248.jpg

and I don’t know that I’ll order them again. They were okay, but awfully salty tasting and I didn’t care for the leek pico. 

Jo ordered the grilled airline chicken breast (this involved a LONG conversation about “airplane” chicken – which would be rubbery like they used to serve on a plane, and maybe still do when you fly up front – and “airline” chicken – which refers to a cut which results in a boneless breast with a drumette attached) served with a corn salad and a Tabasco vinaigrette.

20121012-205910.jpgThe chicken was excellent, served sliced into shareable segments and the Tabasco vinaigrette made it just spicy enough.  We shared a side of Belgian-style frites with house-made mayonaisse and ketchup. 20121012-210004.jpgJo would later say that she didn’t realized the speed at which I was eating the fries and she had to hurry and catch up to get her half.  They were excellent – the house made mayonnaise was slightly smoky.  And they were all gone before the rest of the food was gone.

I also ordered skirt steak au poivre (at the recommendation of the server) with confit fingerling potatoes and a dijon-fennel soubise (Google tells me that a soubise is an bechamel sauce with onion added – no wonder I kind of liked it).


The steak was the highlight of the meal for me.  It was tender and peppery and glorious.  I think we’ll have to plan a return visit, with another couple, for a little later in an evening so that we can share some dishes.  But I don’t know that we can wait long enough to eat to enjoy the “sound” part, which apparently kicks off around 11:00.
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