West Cobb Diner – Marietta, GA


When we called some friends and asked if they wanted to meet for dinner on Friday, they said that they were meeting another couple at West Cobb Diner and asked us to join them.  We pulled it up on Google maps and realized that it was right at the corner of 120 and Barrett Parkway in the shopping center out in front of Home Depot.  Hoping that it was part of the same family that owned the Marietta Diner, we looked at the menu and realized it was not, but it was still traditional diner food, breakfast dinner choices, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Each couple ordered an appetizer – we started with the baked brie with pepper jelly and sesame crackers:


The brie was okay – Jo liked it a lot and she finished it off.  We shared the appetizers among the six couples: one ordered the black eyed pea cakes with tomato jam and a cilantro creme fraiche – they were okay as well, but nothing memorable; the other couple ordered the artichoke-spinach gratin with roasted garlic pita – it was a fairly standard spinach dip, but the pita was very good.

Jo ordered the fish tacos with jalapeno slaw and sweet potato fries (both from the daily special board).


The fish tacos were served more like a fish tostado – there was no practical way that this could be folded and eaten.  But, according to the diner, they were tasty.  The sweet potato fries were served with a bleu cheese dip that, apparently, made a good combo.

I ordered the grilled pimiento cheese and honey ham, on wheat, with fries, because I couldn’t decide quite what to have. (In retrospect, it was a rushed decision, and not a particularly good one)


The pimiento cheese appeared to be home-made, and it was awfully sweet.  The honey ham tasted like the spiral-spiced ham that you could buy from any deli and the two really didn’t make for a good combo.  I guess I was expecting thick sliced ham with pimiento cheese, similar to the experience at Jim and Nick’s.  That’s what I get for making assumptions.  The food in general was very good and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back although I’d try something different for sure.
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