Wyatt’s Country Bar-B-Que – Atlanta, GA

IMG_5418Weekend before last, when we were at Ann’s Snack Bar, as we were leaving I saw Wyatt’s Country Bar-B-Que across the street (and up the block).  I had never noticed it before and determined to give it a try in the near future.  Tonight, when I was stuck in ridiculous, rain-induced and construction-complicated traffic, I decided that I’d be picking up carry-out from Wyatt’s.  

I arrived around 7:15, parked and walked into the front door, from the screened-in porch.  There is no dining room, whatsoever, although there is a screened in porch across the parking lot for Wyatt’s patrons to dine in.  You walk straight into the counter, which looks into the kitchen, to the right.  There is, at best, room for six or seven people inside, in front of the counter.   IMG_5416I was really excited to taste the macaroni and cheese, which everyone on-line raved about, but when I ordered it they said they had been out since mid-afternoon.  The young man behind the counter (an Iraq veteran, as I learned when we were talking about what was on the evening news – God bless him!), one of the Wyatts, was very helpful in guiding me through my choices.   I ordered  IMG_5419ribs (which were fairly priced, a pet peeve when they aren’t), rice and gravy and black-eyed peas.  The peas were definitely non-vegetarian as I’m pretty certain I had a couple of slices of fatback in mine, but were good.  The rice and gravy was fair, at best.  The ribs, on the other hand, were tasty, served dry (at my request), with a good smoke ring and the meat pulled off the bone easily.IMG_5423 The house sauce was fairly thick with tastes of tomato and vinegar.  When I commented later that evening about the ribs being good, I was told, “I wouldn’t know.  I wasn’t offered one.”  (Point taken.)  I also ordered IMG_5421chicken with turnip greens and cole slaw, as I was bringing home dinner for two.  Eating neither greens nor cole slaw, I have to depend on my mate for commentary, but there was one forkful of slaw eaten before it was thrown away and more than half of the collards were left on the plate.  The chicken, however, was moist and very flavorful.  I also picked up a pork sandwich  IMG_5424(not knowing when I’d be back) and it was good, but not as good as the ribs and the chicken.  The pork was chopped fine and served with the sauce on it, similar to a barbecue pork sloppy joe. 

They also had a variety of soul food (ox-tails. pig ears, neck bone) and the reviews on those were positive – the menu was broad. 

I’d definitely stop back by to pick up meats to accompany a meal at home.  And I’d like to try that mac-n-cheese and the banana pudding (not getting that was apparently a mistake).

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  1. I always go to wyatts when I want soulfood, I always get a slab of ribs also. Last time I was there I got a slab it was awful, dried out old tasting. I also got barbque chicken same thing, I normally spend 40 dollars or more each visit, haven’t been back in a while, very disappointed.

    1. Sorry to hear that. I haven’t been in a while, myself.

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