City House – Nashville, TN

One of the articles I reviewed, before I made my trip to Tennessee, was from Garden and Gun Magazine, in the 50 Best Southern Foods article from the October / November,  2011, issue.  In it, they raved about the locally produced ham belly pizza served at City House in Nashville.  After a day of wandering through the music stores, I thought I would swing by and see if I could find a spot at the bar to grab some dinner.

When I arrived (a little before nine) the hostess said that she had a spot available at the pizza bar and then commented on how unusually late people seem to dine in Nashville on the weekends.


I was seated at the end of the pizza bar and given a menu, with a clear view of the wood burning oven at the other end.  As I walked to my seat at the bar, I saw what the hostess meant – the place was packed.  The pizza bar lined the right wall and the rest of the room was packed with tables that were all full and there was also an upstairs room (to my left) that looked full as well.

I looked over the menu, but it was actually really simple decision as I knew I was going to order (the house-made ham belly pizza) before I even walked in the door.  The pizza was topped with the ham, Mozzarella, Gran Padrano and chiles.  The waiter asked me if I’d like to have it topped with an egg.  Why not?

Within ten minutes my food arrived.  My original intention, because I had eaten at Rotier’s about three hours earlier, was to eat part of a pizza and call it a night.


After the first couple of bites I realized that was never going to happen.  This was one of the most refreshingly different pizzas that I’ve ever eaten.  The house made ham was slightly salty, and the chiles gave the pizza an unusual bite.  The egg was over easy, so I avoided breaking the yolk, but the pizza was absolutely exceptional.  I left about a slice and a half.  

As I was checking their website, I noticed in their news section that they were involved with the Staple House initiative from Atlanta.  That link helped me realize this was a fine place run by fine people. 

The only downside to the restaurant was the overall room volume.  It was so loud that it would’ve been difficult to carry on a conversation had I not been dining alone. 

We’ll go back.

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