Taqueria del Sol – Atlanta, GA


Taqueria del Sol is a place that always seems to have a line out front.  I remember eating there a couple of times over the last few years and it was good, but I don’t think I have been since I started blogging.  And I don’t “get” the line.  It’s always been good, but the line out the door, at every location, is baffling.  As I was heading downtown this evening to meet some friends, I stopped by the location on Cheshire Bridge, shortly after they opened at 5:30.


You can see the rudiments of the line, after I was seated

Being my usual early dining self, there was no line and there were plenty of options for seating.  I grabbed a spot at one of the high tops in the bar, near the back of the restaurant, and waited for my food.

I started with the queso con fresco, which had chunks of spicy jalapenos, and near perfect chips.  It’s hard to have a bad meal when you start with good chips (but I have) and I ate every one of these in that spicy cheese dip, no salsa needed.

In the past, I’ve always ordered a couple of tacos (chopped pork, brisket fried chicken, carnitas, fried fish or veggies), with a side but this evening I chose one of the daily specials:


a pork dish with mashed potatoes and a roasted tomatillo gravy that was excellent.  The pork chops were grilled perfectly and the gravy had just enough smoky flavor to make the taste entirely unique.  And really good.

On a side note: I am not a fan of collard greens, but people rave about the greens at Taqueria Del Sol.  I’ll have to take my household’s greens experts back with me to get an opinion on those.  I wouldn’t mind making the return trip, I’ll just remember to go early again.
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