Marco’s Pizza – Duluth, GA


A quick review:

I’ve seen several Marco’s Pizzas opening around town recently and wondered about them. Today, I found out that they’re a chain that’s from Ohio that is aggressively franchising.  With over 340 stores in 29 states (plus two the Bahamas and Panama) they’ve grown immensely, since the first location opened in Toledo in 1979.  

They advertise a $2.00 slice of cheese or pepperoni and also make other pizzas to order (for carryout, delivery or dine in) in addition to  subs.  I ordered two slices of pepperoni and a drink.  Be forewarned – they only have Pepsi products, be they bottled or fountain.    IMG_6151I took a spot at one of the tables (there were also counters at the window, but I was the only person in the place.)  This location was new enough that only one person behind the counter seemed to understand the process (I’m guessing he was the franchisee) and he was telling everyone else what to do, from running the oven to running the cash register. By the time I filled my glass with ice and sweet tea, the young man who partially rang me out brought out my tray.

According to their press, with more than 1500 new locations signed, they’ll be quintupling.  That would be a wonderful thing if their pizza didn’t taste like the re- heated Papa John’s that you get at a college ball game. It was fine, but nothing approaching good. Maybe the made to order pizzas, or the sandwiches, are better. Otherwise, they’ll be the next victim in a line of failed restaurants in this space.
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  1. It looks like reheated pizza. Thanks for being the guinea pig and forwarning us.

    1. Maybe the carry out, made to order, pizza would be better. It couldn’t be much worse.

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