Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand – Atlanta, GA

20131219-221151.jpgDelia’s Chicken Sausage Stand is another of the places that I’d been intending to try for months and months.  It seemed to take longer than normal to get this blog post written but it was a very simple explanation – I had accidentally deleted my photo of the signage.  I had attempted to return on a couple of separate occasions, but my plans had been thwarted by my dining companion.  Tonight, after a visit to the Winter Wonderland at Turner Field, we swung by for a snack.

Delia’s has been open since the summer of 2011 and is in the process of opening a second location in the Marietta Street / Howell Mill area.  Founded by Delia Champion, the chef behind the Flying Biscuit, and Molly Gunn, from the Porter Beer Bar, they’re using a chicken sausage recipe that Delia has been refining for fifteen years.  They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and are open all night on Friday and Saturday.

20131219-221316.jpgThe menu is comprised of slingers (chicken sausages on a Holman & Finch roll), sliders (chicken sausage patties on a bun), all day breakfast and entrees.  On my November visit, I ordered the “3 Hot Chicks”, a three slider sampler (pictured below). The other two were good, but the sloppy slider (on the left ) with comeback sauce, jalapeños and melted cheese was, hands-down, my favorite.  For reference, the middle is a slaw slider (minus the slaw) and a meatball slider (chicken sausage, mozzarella and marinara) finishes out the trifecta. 

20131114-184721.jpgOn the night of our return, I fully intended to get another slider sampler, but as I was standing there I was reading the menu and saw the Big D sliders – a grilled Krispy Kreme doughnut with chicken sausage patties and cherry sour cream.  Sounded like a winner. I ordered a serving (two sliders), sat down and waited for our order. 

20131219-221336.jpgThe Big D sliders were very good, but to me, the cherry sour cream was a bit of sweetness overkill. The sweetness of the doughnut, on its own, was a perfect balance to the “tang” of try chicken sausage.

On a side note, while I was waiting, I noticed that the other folks were getting milkshakes.  And I couldn’t figure out what they were, until I heard the lady behind the counter yelling to the kitchen for another bread pudding.  Out of the kitchen came a bread pudding in a small plastic container, which she began chipping with a spoon before dumping it into the mixing cup with some ice cream and spinning a bread pudding milkshake.

Bread pudding is one of my beloved’s favorite dessert, so I ordered one for her, as she was sitting in the car waiting.  This shake was so thick that I watched her cheeks sink in while she was trying to drink it through the straw.  It was very thick and pretty good.

Milkshake is not an accurate description – they actually make “cake shakes”, with an entire slice of cake or a whole cupcake, with daily specials. (On this second visit, the other “special” was red velvet cake). Next time, I’m having a slinger and one of those shakes of my own.

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