Common Quarter – Marietta, GA

20131208-150232.jpgSeeing the latest spot from Muss & Turner and Local Three‘s owners, Common Quarter, appear on the Eater Atlanta “heat map”, reminded me that we needed to give it a try.  I had read about their opening back in October and promptly forgot about it.  Since we were a third of the way to east Marietta / southern Roswell leaving church, we headed over for lunch.  Located in the end of a strip mall near Merchant Walk, it’s difficult to see from the street, as the sign above is all that there is on the front of the building.

20131208-150248.jpgThe interior is beautifully designed, although where we were seated, in front of a map of St Simons Island, it was very dark at mid-day.  The menu, at lunch, is severely limited – six salads and six sandwiches, along with a few starters and soups.  They do offer a “Look West” burger with a “not so secret sauce” (“we make it with ketchup, mayoniasse and onions”, according to the server”) that had some appeal.    We started with the  jar of pimiento cheese, served with pickles and crackers.
The pimiento cheese was very good, spicy and creamy.  Jo chose the butternut squash – partly because she wasn’t massively hungry and partly because she couldn’t find anything that she really wanted.
The squash was proclaimed tasty, but I was having similar issues with ordering.  After much discussion with our server, I ordered the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich, which came with fries.
Like Bantam & Biddy (and Jim ‘n Nick’s), they’re trying to replicate the glorious hot chicken that, so far, you can only find in Nashville.  It was okay, not as cayenne – grainy as Jim ‘n Nick’s, but nothing close to the original.  I probably should have had the burger…

The waiter was a very pleasant young man, to say the least, and said that many folks that had driven over to Muss & Turner’s previously, appreciated that Common Quarter was open close to their home.  I don’t see it.  There really isn’t a comparison, at least in my book. 

We love Muss & Turner’s.  And we really like Local Three.  But this place, particularly at lunch, was a disappointment.  The menu was small and nothing was notable.  The menu at Muss & Turner’s and Local 3 is much broader. 

On a side note: I had thought that maybe the dinner menu at Common Quarter was broader, but looking at it online it doesn’t appear to be that much more expansive.

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  1. […] Several Atlanta places have tried to replicate “Nashville hot chicken” (Bantam + Biddy, Common Quarter and even Alabama barbecue chain Jim ‘N Nick’s), but no one has done it quite right, […]

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