Thumbs Up Diner – Douglasville, GA

IMG_7455We’ve eaten at Thumbs Up Diner several times over the last half-dozen years, at several of their locations.  We celebrated a homecoming from three months studying abroad with one of our daughters at the one on Edgewood.  I’ve had business breakfasts at the same spot.  And one of the most memorable was at the Marietta Street location, when my mom ordered the skillet and kept adding ingredients (vegetables, bacon, sausage, ham and a couple of more) until she had a heaping pile of food delivered….

So we were very excited when some friends told us about a great “new” place that had opened over off Douglas Boulevard – Thumbs Up Diner.  We explained that it wasn’t “new”, just “new to Douglasville” and, a couple of weeks later, set out for our own late breakfast one Sunday.

IMG_7454Located in a strip mall (that once upon a time held a Wal-Mart at one end and, later, a Cub Foods at the other), when you walk through the entrance, you step into a great space built to their specifications, with a counter at the left front, a kitchen behind that and tables and booths to the right.  They seemed to be doing a hearty business, but one of the two person booths was open, and we were shown to it.

I’ve eaten the skillet most every time I’ve been, but today we branched out with chicken & waffles (and eggs), across the table from me

IMG_7453and shrimp and grits, on my side of the table (which is only available Friday – Sunday).

IMG_7450Both dishes were very good, and we chatted with the server as she came back by the table.  In the course of the meal, we discovered that the owners were originally looking to open in Villa Rice and found this space instead, transferring many of their employees (who live on the West side) from one of their other five locations.  This enabled them to “hit the ground running.”  The food?  Jo had ordered a buck wheat waffle, instead of the Belgian waffle that is standard and it was mighty fine.   And the shrimp and grits were tasty and filling, although not terribly spicy.  (A little hot sauce fixed that right up.)

I also ordered a side of bacon

IMG_7449which was nearly perfectly cooked, thick cut, not too crispy and peppery.  This may be my new favorite bacon in town.  I’m delighted to find that they’ve opened out here and that they seem to be doing well.  In fact, we’ve been back twice since this visit, and they seem to be doing good business. 

BTW, we haven’t had the French Toast, but it’s HUGE.  I’ve enjoyed watching the faces of those who ordered it, as it arrived.

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