Otter’s Chicken – Marietta, GA

20140226-075904.jpgAbout a month ago, as we drove by the Villages at West Cobb, I said, again, “We’ve got to eat at Otter’s Chicken one day.”  Today, when our original lunch plans changed, I named it and claimed it.  You have to love a place with the slogan, “If the Colonel had our chicken, he’d be a General by now.”  Arriving a little after 1:00, we hit this place at the tail end of Sunday-after-church-rush, as, primarily evidenced by our inability to find a place to sit.  20140226-075913.jpgI’m not sure what, exactly, I expected.  Maybe more of a Roasters or Boston Market type place?  But we walked into a local version of a Zaxby’s-meets-sports bar, that also serves beer and wine.  The menu is comprised of wings and tenders in wraps, sandwiches and baskets.

20140226-075923.jpgAs I said, seating was at a premium and we ended up at the only spot that was open, a high-top table with three stools, right next to the service window.  Based on the time it took for us to get our food and what we saw going on around us, the food appears to be cooked to order.  And the folks who bring the food to your tables (they give you a number on a metal stand when you order) are thorough – we saw them checking every basket before it was delivered against the tickets.  And they were constantly moving the entire time we were there, delivering, busing tables, re-filling ice in the coke machine, etc.20140226-075933.jpgJo ordered the chicken wrap with a side of fries.  The fries were a combination of the best two kinds of fries – skinny fries and crinkle cuts, resulting in a skinny crinkle cut fry that was perfectly crispy.  20140226-075946.jpg I ordered an “otter box” with chicken tenders, dipped in the hot sauce (at the “Hot” level – near, but not at, the top on the temperature gauge on the right-most side of the menu picture, above),  served with fries and cole slaw.  The sauce had a nice kick to it, without being so hot you couldn’t eat it, and the fries were great, even though they weren’t house-cut. 

Overall, it was  a very good and very reasonable meal and we wouldn’t hesitate to stop in again.

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