Lucky Dog – Suwanee, GA

20140321-165710.jpgI remember several months ago when I read Marie Let’s Eat’s paean to the Vienna hotdog, I thought that I ought to try one of those.  As I was lone wolfing for lunch today, and looking for something quick and close to the office, I remembered seeing Lucky Dog when I was heading up Buford Highway towards Suwanee a couple of weeks back.  Arriving shortly after noon, this place was decked out in Chicago paraphernalia, both sport and celebrity focused.   They had gone to great lenths to cover the walls in those photos, banners and posters.  They hadn’t put quite as much effort into hanging their menu, 20140321-165734.jpgwhich was leaning against the counter (and the drive through had a large sign on it that it wasn’t working).  I ordered the two dog combo (a chili dog and a modified Chicago dog) with fries and a drink and waited about ten minutes until the guy behind the grill yelled, in my general direction, “you’re up”. 

20140321-165744.jpgAs you can see, I held the lettuce pickle, relish and onions on the Chicago-style dog, which left it kind of sad looking.  And the fries were about as appealing as they look in this photo.  The chili was bland, runny and full of beans.  The casing on the dogs was rubbery, and the filling wasn’t hot.  At least the poppy seed buns were good.

I was underwhelmed and won’t be returning.

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  1. Thanks for your reply. That’s meat in the chili you see, not beans. I personally hate beans in hot dog chili and never put them in ours

  2. I just came across this review, and as the owner of Lucky Dog, I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience at our restaurant. I invite you to come in again and have lunch on the house to give us another try. Your blog post is not an accurate description of the food. Our chili does not have beans in it and never has. Our hot dogs are skinless so there would be no casing on them as you described. A Chicago dog would most certainly never had lettuce on it either. I don’t want your readers to think we normally put lettuce on a Chicago dog because it is a very specific recipe of mustard, onions, green relish, tomatoes, dill pickle, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. Our menu board was leaning against the counter that day because it fell down from its original place above the register and hit me in the head. The floor was a much safer place to keep it for the remainder of the day. We have since replaced the board above the register. Yes, our drive thru is closed, we have never really used it. We are still fairly new and not ready to have customers coming in from two locations just yet. We are passionate about our food and want our customers to have a great experience when they come in. Most of our customers become regulars and they rave about the food. I’m also offering any of your readers a free regular sized hot dog with their choice of toppings for free, no strings attached. All they have to do is mention this blog.

    1. Eva – thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and respond. You’re correct about the lettuce – that should have been “pickle”. I’ve corrected the post.

      On a “skinless” hot dog, what holds them together? Maybe “exterior” or “surface” would have been a preferable word to “casing”?

      And if you say there are no beans, you should know. I thought I remembered beans. And think I see them in my photo.

      Best of luck.

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