Suwannee Pizza Tavern – Suwannee, GA


Inspired by A) a sense of adventure and B) a scout mob deal, we headed off for lunch at Suwanee Pizza Tavern. I had noticed this deal pop up yesterday when I was heading over to Lucky dog, but I wasn’t sure exactly where it was. Today as I was discussing lunch with a coworker, we decided as a close-out to Pizza Week, we’d give this place a try.

After a considerable amount of time spent on Google maps, trying to find out exactly where this place was, we headed in that direction. It’s actually in a strip center, on the side of a neighborhood that you enter through the same entrance (going north on Peachtree Industrial) as you use to get to Fresh Market.

Looking at the information posted in the scout mob deal, it seemed odd they opened at 11 Monday through Thursday and then at noon Friday through Sunday, so we waited a little later than usual to head out to lunch. It turns out that they are open for lunch at 11:00 Wed-Sat and at noon on Sunday (dinner only on Monday and Tuesday). We arrived shortly after noon and found there was only one other table with patrons. The sign said “please wait to be seated”, but the man behind the bar told us to pick out a spot and he’d be right with us. We took to a seat at the long hightop in the bar area and, in a short while, our guy came around to take our order.

As we were getting ready to order he gave us some information about the place. They’ve been open about a year and a half. The pizza dough is made fresh in a house with the herbs baked into the crust. I could see the man behind the counter flipping the pizzas. They have a Romano wood fired oven, and they use oak and mesquite to cook the pizzas.

We asked him what he would he recommend. I’m always leery when someone says that “everything is good”, but he pointed out pretty much every section of the menu as having at least one thing that was exceptional. He seemed especially fond of the burgers, which I found odd at a pizza place, but he told us that all of their meat comes fresh from Wilkes Market, just down the road.

We settled on pizza (it’s Pizza Week, for crying out loud) and decided on the King (an all meat pizza) because it required less modifications on my half.



We waited about 15 minutes and our pizza arrived. One of the first things we noticed was the sliced sausage on top. While we were waiting my dining companion was telling me that a friend of his, who was a regular pizza maker, said it was more expensive and time consuming to have sliced sausage, as opposed to the ground stuff. That was a good sign, I guess. I found the crust to be a little sweet, which is not my favorite type of crust, but you can’t argue with that much meat on any given pizza (at least in my carnivorous eyes).


As we were eating, I saw one of the burgers pass by. This thing was heaping with bacon. As we were paying, he told us that every week they have “Wilkes Wednesday”, when every speciality burgers is on sale. I think that a return visit is in order.


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