Trigos Colombian Restaurant – Lawrenceville, GA


Today’s chorus of “looking for lunch in all the wrong places” took me up 120 toward Lawrenceville. Just about to cross 316, I saw Trigos Colombian Restaurant off to my right, made a quick left, then a u-turn and caught the light into their complex.  Trigos is located in a development that’s roughly a third full and blocked from view from the street.  I walked in the door and up to the counter which leads into the kitchen.  A pleasant young lady directed me to a table, first in Spanish then, when I gave the quizzical dog-hearing-high-pitched-noise look, in English.


As I sat at one of the tables lining the opposite wall I saw a steady stream of patrons, both eating in and carrying out.  As the menu arrived, the server began telling me the daily special and I, honestly, never looked at the menu.

The special started with a vegetable soup with potatoes, peas, beans and carrots.  This soup was chicken-stock based (as opposed to tomato based), which made it more like a really good chicken noodle soup, except without noodles or chunks of chicken.


This was followed with a plate filed with white rice, chicken in a yellow thick sauce, fried sweet plantains and a small salad.

20140410-191906.jpgThe chicken was moist and fork tender and this yellow sauce was sweet and spicy and wonderful.  I asked the server what was in the sauce and she mentioned nothing out of the ordinary, but it was well put together. 

I plan to go back and try the empanadas.
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  1. Andrea · · Reply

    Going here tonight. Looks pretty good!

    1. Enjoy. I haven’t tried dinner yet.

  2. it’s COLOMBIA with an O man. It’s in the sign in your photo! If you want to review foods from other countries, get their names right at least!

    1. Thanks for pointing this out. It’s been corrected.

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