Cinco Mexican Cantina – Suwanee, GA


It was an unusual lonewolf Monday as I set out for lunch today.  On most Mondays I have at least someone else in the office to dine with.  So I headed up towards Suwanee looking to see what I might find.  I found Cinco Mexican Cantina (part of a local four location chain in North Atlanta), a place I’ve heard about from one of my co-workers, but never visited.

When I saw the menu, it was broad, with a number of options.  Then, when I saw the lunch specials, I thought that had I found one of the great lunch deals in the area.  They have a five dollar lunch menu with a decent variety of options: a Mexican pizza, a couple of pasta dishes (one with fish and one with chicken), a 1/2 sandwich and something I can’t recall or 5 mini tacos.


I was seated at the bar (the view above is back towards the front door) and, shortly thereafter, received a giant bowl of tortilla chips and their house made salsa.  It was a dark roasted tomato based salsa, which was fine, but neither sweet nor hot enough for my liking.

I decided on the Mexican Pizza – a 12″ corn tortilla, baked like a flatbread, with shredded chicken, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream.  I’ve never been a fan of lettuce on pizza, so I had that held.  20140429-082419.jpg

The pizza was excellent, after clearing out the overload of onions in the pico.   And it was more than I could eat, after having a few chips.  But as with all good things, the fantasy of the great lunch deal came to an end. 


I got the check and it was $8.22.  What in the world?  I see -$2.75 for a Diet Coke!  Seriously? 

Apparently, the key to a cheap lunch is to drink water and not get stuck with a glass of fountain soda that is “valued” at 55% of the cost of the pizza…

Something left a bad taste in my mouth and it wasn’t the food.

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  1. Chefhelen · · Reply

    I’m a former Executive Chef and restauranteur. For years $.99 was our default price for coffe, tea or sodas. Our fresh squeezed OJ was $3, but we squeezed it to order. I don’t remember how much we charged for milk, but I seem to remember $1.25 per container. When I left the business, corporate places had started dropping their food quality (more fillers ike beans, rice and pasta, less fresh ingredients) and raising prices on drinks. The Applebee’s and Ruby Tuesdays’ of the world have to make money, sure, but when it’s just corporate greed that rules the day, I don’t care for it. I cook at home mostly these days.

  2. Chefhelen · · Reply

    I haven’t bought a drink in a restaurant in years. They charge WAY too much in any restaurant for soda, tea or coffe. Thanks, but I’ll swing by QT when I need tea. Normal price is $.99 as opposed to restaurant pricing which tops $3 in most places. QT also does specials in the summer when it’s only $.49. I love the tea there and the fact that I don’t feel like I’m getting screwed helps.

    1. Preach it, Helen.

      I guess my “limit” is under $2.50, but when I put that in print, it looks ridiculous. The prices of drinks can be ludicrous.

  3. Mexican Pizza? Really?

    1. That’s what they called it. You could also call it a thin open-faced baked quesadilla, but they chose pizza.

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