Gordo’s New York Style Pizza – Duluth, GA


In today’s episode of dining alone, I kept driving until I saw some place “new” (to me).  There was a sign for a hot wing place that drew me into the shopping center attached to the Texaco, at the corner of Rogers Bridge and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, but found thta they didn’t open until 3:00.  Down-hearted as I drove back toward PIB, I saw Gordo’s New York Style Pizza, in the same complex, and thought, “what the heck”.

Walking in, the young lady behind the counter told me to sit anywhere.  There were only a couple of tables occupied, but I grabbed a spot at the end of the counter, instead where I could see the oven.


Looking at the oven, from the end of the counter

I ordered two slices – a caprese slice (one of the daily specials) and a Meat Special (pepperoni, sausage, ham & meatball) slice, and read on my phone while I waited for the pizza slices to heat up in the oven.


The crust was not too thick, but still crispy, and the best thing about the pizza.  Otherwise, they were fairly generic slices, like those you’d get at a mall food court, or in the airport.  Maybe there whole pies are better than the pre-made slices?  I’d be curious to hear if anyone has an opinion on those.

Gordo's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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