Twin Oaks Drive-In – Brunswick, GA


The last time that I was in Brunswick, I mentioned looking for barbecue for dinner to the person that I was meeting with that afternoon.   He said that the best barbecue in town was at Twin Oaks, but when I Googled them, they are only open from 6:00 – 3:00, Monday – Saturday.  Needless to say, this translated into eating dinner somewhere else, but I kept them in mind.  When I had to be back in Jesup today, as I drove up from Jacksonville I hit Brunswick just around 11:00 and headed toward Twin Oaks, looking for lunch.  The first thing I noticed as I drove by was the sign on the wall,


immediately taking a picture and texting it to my family, asking if there was any doubt that I’d pass by a brick building with the name painted on the wall.  It proclaims, “Good Food!”  How could they lie?

As I walked in, the first thing I thought was, “here’s another trip home where the guy on the airplane next to me will wonder why I smell like smoke”, as the air was heavy with it.  The next thought was to find as least smoky a spot as possible to sit.  I took a table at the back of the front dining room and grabbed a menu off the table.


I was the only non-regular in the place, you could tell by the conversation, and I ordered a pork and ribs combo plate with fries and did some prep work for my meeting early that afternoon.   The food arrived shortly,


and the first thing I noticed was the batter dipped fries.  Man – I love those fries.  One of our favorite spots on St Simon’s Island, for years, has been the Crab Trap.  And it’s not because we love crab – it’s for those batter dipped fries.  Our oldest and I love the fries – we’ve both driven there from Savannah (close to 200 miles round-trip) for a meal on multiple occasions.  These were the of the same ilk.   And the best thing about the meal.


The pork was chopped finely, with plenty of bark.  And you can see the smoke ring and the char on the rib.  They were both good, but nothing spectacular.  Those fries, on the other hand…

Twin Oaks BBQ on Urbanspoon

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