Scott’s Walk-Up Barbecue – Cartersville, GA


Today, we took the name of Scott’s Walk-Up Barbecue to heart, as I thought they were located in a different spot than they actually are.  I proudly wheeled onto Main Street and parked near the Booth (a wonderful museum, if you haven’t been) and hopped out – then couldn’t find the restaurant.  I pulled up the address on my phone and found that Scott’s is located about four blocks from where we were, so off we went.  It was a pleasant afternoon, and we’d already hiked about three miles at Pickett’s Mill, so what was a few more steps…  


They were doing a brisk business the entire time we were there, as evidenced by the line above, which extended beyond the man in khaki shorts by six or seven more people.  The sign to the above right of the kitchen window, indicated that they’ve recently had a price increase, but the lunch special (sandwich, chips and a drink – which Jo ordered) was only $6.00.  The prices did not seem high by Atlanta barbecue standards, but were not “cheap”, either.  Checking out the menu, Friday is apparently the day to go, as they also have brisket and burnt ends, both only on Friday.  That narrowed the choices down considerably, so I selected a pork sandwich,


which was served dry (and fairly tasteless). There’s definitely no faulting the serving size, as this sandwich had enough pork for two sandwiches.  But the pork didn’t have much flavor to it at all.  They do have a very flavorful sweet house sauce (the left most bottle), along with a NC sauce (vinegar and pepper flakes) which I mixed together and drowned the sandwich in it.  They also have a mustard sauce that they keep behind the counter (in the middle). 

I also ordered a half-rack (not knowing when I might return)


with Brunswick stew and chips.   I did appreciate the fact that they had barbecue chips – which are the best flavor of chips, by far.

The stew itself was fairly thin, with a good bit of pork and some corn thrown in, for good measure.  The ribs had a good rub as the base and a nice, smokey flavor.  In fact in made me wonder if they were cooked completely separate from the pork, and they were the better entree choice of the two.  Not a bad experience, if you happen to be in Cartersville (maybe visiting that awesome cowboy museum), but it’s definitely not destination barbecue.
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  1. Ed Cox · · Reply

    I’ve had their ‘cue dozens of times and couldn’t disagree with you more. The meat is always excellent with just the right amount of ‘smoke’ in the flavor. ‘Cue is like Italian, everyone has a different idea of good. And that Western Museum? It’ the “Booth” not the “Berman”. Booth

    1. Thanks for the correction on the western museum. I’ll correct that. And everyone does have a different opinion on what makes food “good”, for sure.

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