Victory Sandwich Bar – Decatur, GA


I don’t remember where I first heard of Victory Sandwich Bar (possibly the Eater 38), but when we were looking for lunch heading from the southeast quadrant of 285 to downtown, Decatur seemed like a convenient stop.  We headed into downtown Decatur, found a place on the street to park and walked into a nearly empty restaurant.  If you haven’t parked on the street in Decatur lately, the solution there is such an improvement on Park Atlanta – you pay based on your tag number, not a space.   And you can renew from your cell phone. 

IMG_9347Outside, there was a table full of ladies IMG_9348who were participating in the two day walk for breast cancer who had stopped in for sustenance, and inside, two separate folks at the bar and two other couples.  Inside contains the bar and a series of tables, each table with a number wood-burnt into them.  Not terribly busy, for early on a Saturday. We walked up to the bar and ordered, asking the server about the size of the sandwiches.  She said that they were small and that most people ordered two.   We decided to start with a pimento jar (with bacon jam) and “Hummus Right Now” (the flavor of the day, which was something citrus-y).  They brought those two out shortly, and we devoured the pimento cheese.  While the hummus was tasty, the pita chips were almost all burnt, so Jo shared my toast.  


For the sandwich round, Jo chose the Hambo – prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula, apples and reduced balsamic. 


It looked like a good sandwich, but it was direly lacking in prosciutto – there was one small slice, very thin that barely covered half of the sandwich.   I chose a combo of two sandwiches – the Castro and the Tea Bird.


The Castro is their take on a Cuban, with smoked pork, ham, pickle (which I held), Fontina cheese and yellow mustard, and was quite tasty.  More like an homage to a Cubano than an imitation, but very good.  The Tea Bird is chicken, ghost pepper jack, tomato, lettuce and sweet tea mayo.  The sweet tea mayo had a big amount of sweet tea flavor, adding a little after taste to every bite.  I did end up adding some pimento cheese to the last of this sandwich, and that made it even more tasty.  Neither of these sandwiches (which are about four inch squares) was lacking in meat, so Jo’s may have been an aberration. 

Overall, the meal was a very good value, as the sandwiches come in at $4.00 each, and it was a quick, different place to grab a bite.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone looking for some place quick in, or near, Decatur.

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