Wrecking Bar Brewpub – Atlanta, GA


Decades ago (pre-kids), we used to hang out in Little Five Points on the weekends (with all the suburban-wanna-be-punk-rockers) and one of the spots that we frequented was Architectural Antiques, housed in the Victor H. Kriegshaber House, which was built in the early 1900s.  At that time, it was an antiques store full of pieces salvaged from demolished old houses (like the place that the This Old House crew would shop.  In 2010, the current owners renovated the basement into the Wrecking Bar Brewpub (which opened in 2011) and the upstairs into an event space.   It hit my radar on the Eater 38 several months back and, driving home from the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain, we stopped in, right at the end of brunch service.

The brewpub space is separated, with the main room and bar to the right of the door above and a smaller dining room and outside patio to its left.  We were seated against the rear wall of the room to the left and, apparently, promptly forgotten about.

The view back toward the rest of the brewpub

The view back toward the rest of the brewpub

After a while, Jo went up and asked the hostess if she could find our server and several minutes later, we placed our order.   We started with one of the appetizers (which I had seen pass by on the way to an outside table), corn pups – three corn dog pups, with house-made cheddarwurst, which was corn bread battered and fried and served with curry catsup and yellow mustard.


They were served hot, with the batter still a little chewy.  I would have preferred traditional catsup to the house-made curry flavored, but I finished two of them.  For lunch itself, I ordered the pimento cheese sandwich, with bacon and tomato and fries.


The sandwich was very good, with plenty of bacon and the fries were fresh and hot (but again served with the curry catsup).  Jo ordered the house-made biscuits with Wrecking Bar tasso gravy and two eggs, fried hard in her instance.    


The gravy was quite tasty, but there was a shortage on her plate.   We waited for the server to come around to ask for some syrup.  And waited.  And waited.   Again, we had to invoke the hostess to help us out.  When the server returned, she apologized, explaining that she was serving a large party that was trying to get to the airport.  Fine, but that’s really not my problem.  Two Sundays out of three, we’ve had bad service because the restaurant didn’t know how to stagger their servers and tables to facilitate good service for everyone.  I’m not willing to decry an epidemic, but the trend was upward. 

FWIW – They are a brewpub with quite a selection of house draughts and I imagine that they do a large portion of their business from the brewery side.

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