Augustine’s – Atlanta, GA


I was a couple of days into my own Burger Week, following the recent passing of Ms. Anne, and ready for another burger.  I have absolutely no idea where I heard about the burger at Augustine’s.  That is a rare thing for me – I usually remember what put some place on my list, or where I read about it.  But this one was just there.  As I was heading to a concert at Variety Playhouse, I was in the neighborhood (on Memorial Drive, near Daddy Dz) and thought I’d give this place a try. 

It was fairly empty inside, although there were several folks on the patio, even though it was getting cool as the sun was starting to set.  Augustine’s is a neighborhood bar, in the true sense of the word:

  • They have a Monday night dart league. 
  • They have Wednesday night bocce ball league.
  • And they have a wide selection of beers on tap (there are at least 25 listed on the web) and at least as many more in bottles and cans.
  • From a food standpoint, they have a fairly large menu for a bar, featuring seven burgers (that you can also get as turkey burgers, black bean burgers or rosemary grilled chicken sandwiches). 

I zeroed in quickly on one burger:


The House Favorite – pimento cheese, bacon, a fried egg and pickled jalapenos, served with tots.  I thought to myself, “how could you go wrong with this?”  I didn’t.  The burger was cooked just as I requested, and the pickled jalapenos mixed with the pimento cheese perfectly.  This was a well made burger.   I may need to go back and try one of the others – it would not be a sacrifice, in the least.

Augustine's on Urbanspoon

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